photo by Ez Powers Photography

WOW, 2022 was a big year for Naturally Yours Events! We expanded our team, traveled across oceans, brought back Wedtoberfest, and planned over 70 events! Thank you to our clients, vendor friends old and new, and our amazing team for a spectacular year. Let’s journey back through 2022!

Taylor & Benjamin’s Wedding at Joe’s Seafood

Photo by Allie Idrac Photography


Taylor and Benjamin stepped on glass and signed their Ketubah at the Chicago Sinai Congregation Synogog. Then they hosted their friends and family and cut cake from Bittersweet Bakery at Joe’s Seafood. 

Courtney & Todd’s Wedding at Cuneo Mansion

Photo by Cindy Fandl Photography


On a snowy day, Courtney & Todd hosted an intimate and romantic evening at Cuneo MansionGreen Light Band set the mood for guests to dance the night away.


Molly & Jared’s Wedding at The Joinery

Photo by Megan Saul Photography


Molly & Jared were married at The Joinery surrounded by their friends and family and over 2000 cookies handmade by guests.  

Hannah & Ted’s Wedding at Greenhouse Loft

Photo by Natalie Ginele Miller


Hannah and Ted celebrated their marriage in the beautiful Greenhouse Loft with bud vases dressing the farm tables! The photobooth was working hard that night as guests partied hard. 

Valarie & Jon’s Wedding at Royal Sonesta

Photo by White Quill Creative


Valarie and Jon had their first kiss under a beautiful arch made by Flowers by Stem. 

Michelle & Linh’s Wedding at The Dalcy

Photo by Studio This Is


Michelle & Linh incorporated their Vietnamese culture into their day with their outfits and music!

Krista & Brian’s Wedding at The Joinery

Photo by Mark Trela Photography


Krista & Brian renewed their vows under The Joinery’s skylight. 

Lori & Brian’s Wedding in Berrien Springs, Michigan

Photo by Ryan Gauper Photo


Lori & Brian meshed their cultures during their beautiful wedding in the fresh outdoors. 

Mary & Zach’s Wedding at Revel Motor Row

Photo by Maria Harte Photography


Mary & Zach had a traditional east coast style reception at Revel Motor Row. This glam wedding gave guests many photo opps. 

Alex & Aeryn’s Wedding at Greenhouse Loft

Photo by Ed & Aileen Photography


Aeryn’s uncle officiated their ceremony and helped them solidify their bond by planting a tree. 

Eliz & Tom’s Wedding at Loft Lucia

Photo by Alisha Tova Photography


Eliz & Tom were married on the rooftop terrace at Loft Lucia before jamming out to the sounds of the Blue Water Kings band.

Sicha & Jeffrey’s Wedding at Greenhouse Loft

Photo by Memories en Or


Sicha & Jeffrey had a traditional ceremony on the lawn of Greenhouse Loft followed by a Thai Water Ceremony. Their colorful reception was made even more special by a money dance! 

Jeremy & Rachel’s Wedding at VenueSix10

Photo by Jamie & Eric Photography


Venue Six10 was the perfect environment for Jeremy & Rachel to hold their traditional Jewish ceremony. They had a tisch and bedeken on different floors of the venue prior to smashing glass under the chuppah. 

Meili & Dom’s Wedding at Chicago Botanic Garden

Photo by Katie Kett Photographer

Meili & Dom celebrated their marriage with a Chinese Tea Ceremony. 


Sarah & Brady’s Wedding at The Joinery

Photo by Studio Finch 


Sarah & Brady invited their guests to sit at tables named after their favorite BTS albums. 


Leah & Rodrigo’s Wedding at The Birchwood Club

Photo by Tuan B & Co


Leah & Rodrigo commemorated Leah’s jewish culture by holding an Ufruf where the couple to be married is called in a religious ceremony to be blessed by their community. They followed their blessing with a delicious luncheon and cake cutting.  

Charlotte & Miguel’s Wedding at DANK Haus

Photo by Mirrors & Lakes


Charlotte & Miguel brought together their loved ones for a killer dance party at DANK Haus. 

Maddy and Paul’s Wedding at The Joinery

Photo by Allison Williams Photography


Backyard Garden Party

A backyard garden party in Wicker Park featured small treats from Bittersweet Bakery and live music by Neil Dixon Smith. 

Leah & Charlie’s Wedding at Lytle House

Photo by Cattura Weddings 

Leah & Charlie cut Challah together under delicate floral installations at The Lytle House. 



Jackie & Patrick’s Wedding at The Joinery

Photo by Allie Idrac Photography

Jackie & Patrick took advantage of all the beautiful foliage on the patio at The Joinery for portraits. 

Hannah & Michael’s Wedding at Chicago History Museum

Photo by Molliner Photography


Hannah & Michael gave their guests luggage name tags and a bangin party featuring the sounds from Okyne Media Lab

Jen & Josh’s Wedding at Salvage One

Photo by Indigo Lace Collective

Jen & Josh danced the horah under the disco balls at Salvage One after enjoying heartfelt toasts. 

Alexandra & Colin’s Wedding at Greenhouse Loft

Photo by Karen Shoufler Photography


Alexandra & Colin exchanged rings on the lawn at Greenhouse Loft. They cut a stunning ombre cake by Alliance Bakery


Bryanna & Scott’s Wedding at Ovation

Photo by Candace Sims Photography


A classic car for a classic couple. Bryanna & Scott renewed their vows at Ovation and finished the night off with a Rainbow Cone Ice Cream truck

Laura & Lyle’s Wedding at The Drake

Photo by Adam Novak Photography

The Drake was the perfect backdrop for Laura & Lyle’s celebration of love. 

Lauren & Adam’s Wedding at Halim Time & Glass Museum

Photo by Allison Williams Photography


Lauren and Adam celebrated their love in multiple ways – Lauren jumped the broom at The Halim Time & Glass Museum! Adam & Lauren were held by their loved ones as they danced the traditional Horah. 

Ama & Julie’s Wedding Ignite Glass Studio

Photo by Ally Almore Photography


Ama & Julie had a colorful outdoor ceremony and reception at the Ignite Glass Studio. They held a ring warming ritual where each guest held the rings before they exchanged them.

Ben & Emily’s Wedding at Greenhouse Loft

Photo by This is Feeling  

Ben & Emily danced the night away to the music of Style Matters. 

Theresa & Vlad’s Wedding at Renaissance Hotel

Photo by Danielle Heinson Photography


Theresa & Vlad had a catholic ceremony in the suburbs before cutting classic and Ukrainian style cake at The Renaissance Hotel

Megan & Sebastian’s Wedding at Lytle House

Photo by Justin Barbin


Megan & Sebastian had a ceremony at the garden of Lytle House with music from Mariachi Guerreros De Mexico. 

Jamie & Danny’s Wedding at Gallery 1028

Photo by Noelle Adams Photography — Coming Soon.

Jamie & Danny had a boho wedding at Gallery 1028. They had a photobooth Volkswagen bus for their guests to enjoy.

Charlotte & Stephen’s Wedding at City View Loft

Photo by Jennifer Lourie


Charlotte & Stephen said private vows on their buildings roof before walking down the aisle at City View Loft. They rented all of their own decor, even a champagne wall and floral arch! 

Brigitte & Danny’s Wedding at Cuneo Mansion

Photo by Ed & Aileen Photography

Brigitte & Danny were hitched at St. Mary’s church and rode the Windy City Trolly to Cuneo Mansion to party hardy with their guests. 

Jacquinete & Archie’s Weddingat Floating World Gallery

Photo by Kirk McGee Studio — Coming Soon. 

Jacquinete designe

d all of her own invitations and paper goods using her graphic design skills. They walked down the aisle to a classical version of their favorite video game’s music. 

Cait & Nick’s Wedding at City Winery

Photo by Dennis Lee Photography


Cait & Nick had their first married kiss in the garden of City Winery under a beautiful arch by Hedonia Flowers. 

Gabriella & Kelly’s Wedding at Loft606

Photo by Sam Schultz Photography 

Loft606was all dressed up by Sprout Home for Gabriella & Kelly’s wedding, and so were they! They had food trucks lined up and cocktails flowing! 

Rachel & Eric’s Wedding at The Arbory

Photo by Found Light Studios — Coming Soon.

Evidence of the killer party Rachel & Eric threw for their friends and fam can be found in their polaroid guest book. They decked their tables with dried florals and Big Delicious Planet passed perfect bites to guests during cocktail hour. 


Claudia & Miguel’s Wedding at Lacuna Lofts

Photo by TWA photo

Claudia & Miguel danced to Mariachi music and a live band at Lacuna Lofts on their magical evening. 

Emma & Burgess’ Wedding at Museum of Contemporary Art

Photo by Sarah Nader Photography

Emma & Burgess had a short and sweet outdoor ceremony officiated by Emma’s brother.

Susan Chou

Kelly & Nick’s Wedding at Tortoise Supper Club

Photo by byDesign Photo and Films


Kelly surprised nick with a vintage Cadillac for smooth cruising before their intimate ceremony in the red room of the Tortoise Supper Club. They followed dinner by singing along to dueling pianos by Felix & Fingers

Alyssa & Clark’s Wedding at Off the Ground Dance Studio

Photo by Jill Devries Photography

Alyssa & Clark exchanged vows at Off the Ground Dance StudioLula Cafe catered an entirely vegetarian meal for their guests. 

© Jill DeVries Photography

Alyssa & Dmitri’s Wedding at The Joinery

Photo by i Luv Photo 

Alyssa & Dmitri had Ann Sather’s cinnamon rolls and Jeni’s ice cream to compliment their sweet union. 

Emily & Matt’s Wedding at City Hall Events

Photo by Mandalette Photography

Emily & Matt’s decor matched the wall paper at City Hall EventsXO Design CO. created a unique seating chart backdrop. 

Rosie & Kirk’s Wedding at Artifact Events

Photo by Ed & Aileen Photography — Coming Soon.

Rosie & Kirk walked down the aisle in the Artifact Events Courtyard on Labor Day Weekend. They used rental florals and ate family style with a delicious spread from Publican Catering. 



Jenny & Mike’s Wedding at Morgan’s on Fulton

Photo by Kina Wicks


Jenny & Mike together with their dog, were married on Morgan’s on Fulton’s beautiful terrace. They saved time ahead of the ceremony to cut cake and pour champagne with their nearest and dearest. The room was dusted with personal elements like hand drawn signage, escort cards and menus made by Jenny’s mom.

Elizabeth & Justin’s Wedding at Allegro Royal Sonesta

Photo by TWA Photography


Elizabeth & Justin embraced jewel tones on their wedding day. Guests had different food stations to choose from while they dined in The Walnut Room at Allegro Royal Sonesta. 

Wedtoberfest at Artifact Events

Photo by Emma Mullins Photography


Our annual Wedtoberfest brought together newlyweds and creative chicago wedding vendors in the beautiful south side loft of Artifact Events

Pictured Vendors: 

Soul & Smoke

Yes Ma’am Circus

Gathers Tea Bar

Bottles and Cans 

Pyrite Sun

MK Event Photo – Bug Booth  


Teresa & Sam’s at Chicago History Museum

Photo by Mandalette Photography

Food for Thought set up a late-night mini taco bar for Teresa & Sam after a long night of dancing. 

Avi & Sarah’s Wedding at Morgan’s on Fulton

Photo by Ez Powers Photography

The retractable rooftop and marquee sign at Morgan’s on Fulton had the right amount of glamour for Avi & Sarah’s wedding. Avi’s brother officiated the wedding while Avi’s sister played the tunes. Guests danced the night away to an ABBA cover band.

Katherine & Mark’s Wedding at WildmanBT

Photo by King & Opal


Katherine & Mark had a candlelit reception at WildmanBT thanks to XO Design Co. 

Shannon & Barrett’s Wedding at Lacuna Lofts

Photo by Ed & Aileen Photography

A city backdrop is what Shannon & Barrett envisioned for their ceremony, so Lacuna Lofts rooftop was a no-brainer. They ate Dippin’ Dots and Garrett’s Popcorn at the end of the evening. 

Carolyn & David’s Wedding at Museum of Contemporary Art

Photo by Ed & Aileen Photography — Coming Soon.

Carolyn & David danced swing to the Bowmanville Swing band at the creative Museum of Contemporary Art


Sarah & Pat’s Wedding at The Arbory

Photo by This is Feeling — Coming Soon.

Flowers for Dreams elevated the beauty of The Arbory to make Sarah & Pat’s day feel like theirs. 

Camille & Will’s Wedding at Salvage One

Photo by Anda Marie Photography


Camille & Will’s whimsical wedding at Salvage One had everyone feeling the love. 

Shea & Zach’s Wedding at Garfield Park Conservatory

Photo by Megan Saul Photography 

The lush gardens of the Garfield Park Conservatory set the tone for Shea & Zach’s marriage. Lula Cafe catered to guests with delicious plant-based selections. 


Laura & Tim’s Wedding at Chief O’Neill’s Pub Restaurant Beer Garden

Photo by GE Creative


Laura & Tim got hitched in the beer garden of Chief O’Neill’s on the west side of the city. They treated their guests to both an ice cream bar and a french fry station. 

Jackie & Richard’s Wedding in the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Photo by Tuan B & Co — Coming Soon.

Jackie & Richard brought NYE to Italy! The view from their first kiss at the Hotel Marincanto was breathtaking. 


Chris & Kevin’s Wedding at Harold Washington Library

Photo by Bassos Photography


Chris & Kevin were married in the historic Harold Washington Library, surrounded by friends, family and pyrotechnics. 

Chicago Survivor’s Fundraising Event at Fairlie

Photo by Ed & Aileen Photography


The Chicago Survivor’s Fundraiser was held to raise awareness and resources for victims of senseless violence. This project was near and dear to our hearts this year.

Ellen & Doug’s Wedding at Chicago Cultural Center

Photo by Anamaria Vieriu Photography

Ellen & Doug had a bi-partisan union at The Chicago Cultural Center. They used beautiful vintage furniture from elements preserved to showcase escort postcards, handmade by the Bride using photos from their travels. They finished the night with a taco bar and churro cart from the experts at Cocina Fusion. 


Amelia & Geoff’s Wedding at SAIC

Photo by Brittany Purlee 

Amelia & Geoff were played down the aisle by a live cellist & violinist. They kept the energy going for the dance floor with live music from The Bangers. 


Brittany & Joey’s Wedding at ItascaCountry Club

Photo by George Street Photography

Itsaca Country Club was the perfect venue for Brittany & Joey to get married. They had a photobooth by Music Mania and Shamrock Garden Floral decked out their ceremony.

Alex & Alex’s Wedding at Adler Planetarium

Photo by Emma Mullins Photography


Alex and Alex’s wedding was out of this world! They danced the horah under milkyway lights and cut space cake together. 

Annie & Luke’s Wedding at Independence Grove Forest Preserve

Photo by Emma Mullins Photography


Annie & Luke celebrated their marriage in a traditional Jewish ceremony and broke glass under a chuppah beautifully designed by Floral Wonders. Then they sipped on signature cocktails named after their pups. 

Lexi & Jim’s Wedding at Chicago Athletic Association

Photo by Jade Hull Photo .

Lexi & Jim met their guests at the Chicago Athletic Association after having a traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Vincent Depaul Church. The guests listened to Coffee Jazz Collective while sipping signature cocktails. 

Hannah & Logan’s Wedding at Abloom Farm in Saukville, WI

Photo by Corrina Nicole Photo


Hannah & Logan both sported cowboys boots while they said “I Do” on the lush Abloom Farm in Wisconsin. Their florals complemented their venue choice perfectly by utilizing earthy pampas grasses. They tied a unity lasso and put on their dancing boots!

Elisabeth & Michael’s Wedding at Ovation

Photo by Nkairo Studios .

Elisabeth and Michael had a colorful ceremony & reception at Ovation. Atmosphere Events Group decked the venue out with disco balls and colorful dried and fresh florals. 

Lauren & Tom’s Wedding at Loyola University Chicago & Biagio’s

Photo by Handesigned


Lauren & Tom got ready in the historic Lang House on Chicago’s North Side before heading to their snowy ceremony on Loyola’s Campus where they met. They had a catholic ceremony at The Madonna Della Strada Chapel before hosting their film-themed reception at Biagio’s. Popcorn favors, director’s chair guest book and nonna’s italian cookie spread made their celebration unique to them as a couple. 

Kayla & Jason’s Wedding atSalvage One

Photo by Mari Trancoso — Coming Soon. 

After being pronounced husband and wife on the first floor of the eclectic Salvage One warehouse, guests dined a mostly vegan meal catered by Hearty Boys.


Mary & Jeff’s Wedding at Artifact Events

Photo by Victoria Saint Martin


Mary & Jeff arrived to Artifact Events via Trolly and ready to party. They prepped their guests for a lovely family style dinner by Hearty Boys with a pretzel bar at cocktail hour. Mary got crafty to make ornament escort cards for their guests. Everyone danced the night away accompanied by The Blue Water Kings Band. 

What a wonderful, crazy, busy, and fulfilling year! Now let’s pop the champagne and cheers to 2023!

From our NYE family to yours- Happy New Year!