Who We Are

whoweare-team2Naturally Yours Events is an eco-friendly wedding and event planning company committed to planning events that are unique, stress free, and absolutely fun. Our owner, Carlene Hartline, started Naturally Yours Events in 2011 to help couples plan weddings that are less wasteful but still full of their personality and style. We are a reputable, full service event planning company that has won the hearts of many couples here in Chicago and beyond. Just look at our reviews!

We have worked with all types of couples and all types of budgets, and even love to throw some baby showers and other social events on the calendar. You see, we are anything but cookie-cutter planners, thinking outside of the box to create unique and memorable events. We pride ourselves in being a little quirky (in a fun way).

The dedication and creativity we give to our clients and vendors really shine through in our work, so be sure to check that out too!

[Our cultivated and quirky team helps inject personality and poise into celebrations that are well orchestrated, meaningful, and natural.]


We believe in integrity

We are our client’s number one fans and truly advocate for them and what is right for their event every step of the way. We refuse to nickel and dime, accept kickbacks or commissions, and we won’t ever pressure our clients to spend more money for the sake of spending. We keep it real.

We are down-to-earth

We believe event planners should embody a “type A” personality: organized, detailed, and on top of their shit. And that’s what we are - powerhouses for efficiency - but without being cold or intimidating. We are truly approachable and pleasant to work with.

We are professional

We work hard and crazy hours, but we genuinely love what we do. We keep our appointments, respond to emails within 24 hours, and actually do what we say we will. Clients can lean on our expertise and use the tools we’ve carefully crafted to help execute their event. Plus, we’re a real incorporated business with insurance and an office and all. #legit

We believe events should be creative

We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box to help our clients create truly personalized events that reflect their unique personalities. We reject the idea that meetings have to be boring or weddings have to feel or look a certain way. We’ll create something unique and memorable together.

We are eco-friendly

We love our planet, and we not only want to be eco-conscious in our personal lives, but in our professional lives as well. We consider the repercussions of hosting large, wasteful events and search for green solutions everywhere we can. We encourage a collective responsibility to protect our planet!

We are team players

We have an extensive network of knowledgeable vendors that are experts in their field, and we entrust them with our clients’ vision. It takes a village to execute a successful event, and we’re always ready to roll up our sleeves to help with whatever needs to get done. Most importantly, we work with people of all backgrounds, appearance, genders, races, cultures, religions, and sexual orientation. Period.



Owner and Lead Event Planner

Carlene has always been obsessed with details! Whether she was planning themed birthday parties at ten years old, organizing huge trips to midnight showings of super geeky movies, or helping family and friends plan their most important life moments, she was always known as “the planner” among those around her.

While earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Carlene worked for a prestigious wedding photographer as a day-of coordinator and bride de-stressor extraordinaire. It wasn’t until she moved to Chicago and took several coordination roles in the hospitality industry that she had that “ah ha” moment: “I love to plan events and I rock at it!” Pairing her personal and professional commitment to the environment with a passion for details, Naturally Yours Events came into fruition. READ MORE »




Associate Event Planner and Office Manager

Kristen is the queen of organization and preparation. From an early age she could be seen with a clipboard in hand and pen at the ready. She really cultivated and applied these innate skills at Western Michigan University (go Broncos!), where she earned a B.A. in Sales and Business Marketing.

Through years of various (and interesting) work experiences, Kristen found that planning events allowed her to express her creativity and innovative ideas for solving challenges. In 2014, she set her mind to pursue event planning as a career and found a home at Naturally Yours Events. Since day one, her motto has been to prepare well, have fun, and save the earth (whether from zombie hordes or large carbon footprints). Kristen continues to bring so much excitement and passion to each one of her client’s events. READ MORE »




Associate Event Planner

Lauren is a natural leader and organizer of all the details! She has a passion for seeing the production of an event come together. Lauren comes from a performance background, both on the stage and behind the scenes. At Loyola University Chicago, she pursued her degree in Psychology while stage managing theatre productions and keeping everything running smoothly. She has continuously growing Pinterest boards and loves discovering new ways to make her client’s day unique.

Lauren was thrilled to become a part of the Naturally Yours team- diving right in at the height of the wedding season. Her approachable and keep-it-cool personality will make her the perfect partner in the planning of your event. READ MORE »






Associate Event Planner

Stephanie has been a life-long lover of all things social! She earned her Bachelor’s in Media Studies amidst the cornfields of Urbana-Champaign before bringing those skills to bear, back home in Chicago. She paved her way into the marketing arena handling social media for several small local businesses, before finding herself at the back-end of an event-focused marketing agency. But her true passion was always the execution of the event itself. So, after a fortuitous block party rendezvous with Naturally Yours Events, she began to pursue that passion. READ MORE »

Photos by Tuan B & CO