Happy new year, ladies and gents! With every new year comes a clean slate and endless possibilities. Wedding season has not yet begun, but we have a feeling of what 2017 has to offer. Here are some wedding trends that we think will really take off this year.


Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Marilyn Monroe once said “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but she was definitely generalizing. Not all girls love diamonds – some prefer sapphires, emeralds, or opals and these make great engagement rings. Non-diamond heirloom pieces are also being repurposed and given as engagement rings. We love this trend, because there are so many beautiful stones to signify love – not just plain old diamonds!

Photo by True Grace Photography


Bold Fashion

Fifty years ago, brides didn’t have to think twice about what they were going to wear for their big day. They basically had no other option than to wear a white gown with a veil to match. They didn’t even realize their lack of options – it was just assumed that’s just what brides wore. Luckily, these days (and now more than ever), brides have unlimited options of what they’d like to wear for their wedding. While soft colors like champagne and blush are very popular, bold colors like green, black, maroon and even pink are trending – and we’re so glad they are! This same idea applies to grooms, too. Gone are the days when grooms were implored to wear a tux- now we’re seeing grooms choose bolder patterns and brighter colors. This year, we think more couples will express themselves with their wedding attire by choosing more unconventional wedding outfits.

Photo by Soda Fountain Photography


Intimate Weddings

More and more couples are choosing to scale down their guest list, and celebrating their wedding with only their dearest friends and family. This comes as no surprise, considering how pricey large weddings can be. But aside from price, couples are realizing that their wedding day might be more fun and meaningful if only shared with their closest friends. Intimate weddings mean a higher concentration of love! Some couples who have a hard time eliminating people from their guest list even choose to have a destination wedding, so that guests can opt out themselves. It’s brilliant.

Photo by Lamb & Lark Photography


Cocktail Style Receptions

Weddings these days are stemming away from your typical timeline: ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing. We’re starting to see more weddings mix the order of events to make them happen simultaneously – and we love it. Cocktail style receptions are fun and energetic, allowing guests to mingle and enjoy themselves in an interactive experience. Instead of guests sitting down for an hour eating their coursed meal, they can eat, drink and chat at their leisure. This style of reception also encourages a more creative food experience. Couples can have fun food stations, focusing on small bites with big flavor. It’s perfect for the foodies.

Photo by Thistle and Twine Atelier


Repurposing Decor Elements

Our favorite trend gaining popularity is not only cost-friendly, but also eco-friendly. Couples are becoming more conscious of the amount of waste that is produced in the wedding industry, and are finding ways to reduce it. Why spend a ton of money on ceremony flowers for just forty minutes of use? That’s just silly. More and more, we’re seeing decor elements being used creatively throughout the entire event: like ceremony backdrops becoming the sweets table backdrop, or bridesmaids’ bouquets getting incorporated into the escort card table decor. We love incorporating green strategies into events, so we hope we see lots more of this in 2017. 

Photo by Tuan B & Co


There are so many exciting trends that are bound to make the 2017 wedding season great. We’re booking up fast, so contact Naturally Yours Events today to ask about our wedding planning and coordinating services!