Todd and I met a while ago at the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance Membership Mixer (say that five times fast) and recently got together for coffee. We shared the excitement of owning our own company and how lucky it is to be doing what you truly love to do.

Todd has loved the art of photography since high school and later in life he found how much he loves weddings and the honor of being a part of someone’s special moments. So it is no surprise that Todd started Todd James Photography 5 years ago. What sets him apart is how he thinks outside the box to capture images that show the unique personalities of a couple’s relationship. His work is very authentic, and with his story-telling approach you can feel the emotion and excitement of the day. Todd’s appreciation for authenticity stems back to his background in psychology, which he studied for 4 years in grad school, before deciding to pursue his creative passions full time. Check out Todd’s blog for his latest work.