A typical dinner at a wedding reception includes either a sit-down plated menu or buffet-style menu. To avoid the typical “reception-style” food, Chicago couples can spend at minimum a hundred dollars per person for something unique and grand.

Imagine a flexible dining experience with all of your guests mingling and munching over seven courses of amazing food at a significant savings verses the traditional plated dinner. I met with Anna Pindara from Phil Stefani Signature Events, and she explained how Chicago couples can have a meal fit for any “Foodie” with less cost and hassle.


The twist in this unconventional reception dinner is that every course is passed. I know what you’re thinking– small plates at a wedding? Well, a typical plated dinner gives you about 14 ounces of food, but with Stefani Catering’s Bite Sized menu you get 16 ounces. Anna explains further that,“the concept of the Bite Size menu is meant to give guests the feeling of a plated dinner by mimicking the seven courses that guests would typically see at a plated dinner, just bite size. We’ve taken the time and care in creating the menu items to ensure that guests will not be wanting after we pass the dessert course.”

What’s even better is that there is no compromise on flavor or options. You are not limited to a simple chicken entrée — filet, sea bass, oysters Rockefeller — the menu is, literally, your oyster. In fact, they can completely customize your menu to fit the season, style of event, theme and just about ANY budget!



This weekend I will be working with Anna to see exactly how the Bite Size menu unfolds at weddings. More importantly I want to know firsthand how guests react to a more non-traditional reception experience. Check back next week for the full report!