In the last month I have been meeting vendors right and left. It was refreshing to finally sit down and speak one-on-one with Andrew from Fig Media. I met Andrew through Mina, with Swan Events, who encouraged me to look at a recent green wedding Fig was a part of. Actually, they were more than a part of it; it was Andrew’s very own wedding.

The morning I met with Andrew he shared with me his wedding video- done by Fig of course. It was so touching and inspiring to see their story unfold. The wedding took place on a family friend’s farm, guests were served local food, and the couple shared something truly meaningful about themselves to their guests. Read more about it here:


After the video, Andrew showed me around the office, the outdoor patio (where they will host great summer parties) and introduced me to the team. Fig Media started as a husband-wife duo offering DJ services and grew to a team of 15 who now offer photography and film. The team is filled with incredibly creative people, all who make it their goal to really connect with their clients and tell their story- whether through music, photo, or film.