At the next wedding ceremony you attend, take a glance at the groom’s beaming face as his bride descends down the aisle. Watch for the pure joy and admiration in her face when she sees her groom for the first time.  These are magical moments, ones that Esénam, with Esénam Photography, captures forever.

It is the love of these moments and the joy that comes with a wedding celebration that enticed Esénam to start his own photography company in 2009. His style is definitely eclectic, personal, and compelling, with a focus on capturing raw emotions, natural interactions, and those small details that make a wedding unique. His ability to capture and understand emotion creates a calming environment for his clients and those who work with him (which is priceless on the wedding day).


Esénam spent his childhood living in Togo, West Africa and then later lived in Paris for a few years before moving to Chicago. With his years abroad and through his travels, he truly has developed a unique world view and perspective that he brings to his work as a Chicago wedding photographer.  For more information about Esénam’s work, check out his blog.