I’m sure most of us remember taking those career tests in high school that matched everyone with their appropriate career choice. Well by high school, Colin Lyons, with Colin Lyons Photography, was already working in his career without the confirmation of those silly exams.


Colin comes from a family that has a deep appreciation for photography and film. His father is an avid hobbyist photographer himself. In high school, Colin took courses on photography and eventually worked for his neighbor as an assistant photographer. Once he discovered his passion and talent for photography, he moved to Chicago to study at the Art Institute.



Colin has gone on to work in many different areas of photography, working for art exhibits and magazines, to name a couple. But because his clients demand dynamic work, Colin’s passion will always be photographing weddings. His clients encourage him to contribute to the day, not just by taking pictures, but by creating memories. He loves that every wedding is unique and that he is shooting interesting and quality work. Colin truly brings out the energy of the day in an artistic fashion.


Visit Colin’s website and blog for more information, and to view his work.