We love seeing wedding guests having a good time, and typically the activity on the dance floor is a great indicator of that! Toast & Jam DJs really know how to get the dance party started, and keep it going ’til the end of the night. Learn more about this awesome group of disc jockeys by reading the Q&A between Naturally Yours Events and Mary Nisi of Toast & Jam below!

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NYE: Tell me about your business- what do you specialize in?

TJ: Toast & Jam is a mobile DJ company.  We specialize in creating epic dance floors!

NYE: How did you get started, what inspired you?

TJ: I started Toast & Jam in 2005. At the time, I had a radio show on WLUW (my show is on CHIRP now!), and a loyal listener called in and asked me to DJ his wedding. The rest was history!

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NYE: What’s your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry?

TJ: Our clients hire us to bring the fun to what is most likely the biggest, most expensive and most meaningful  party of their lives.  I can’t imagine a bigger honor.

NYE: How would you describe your business’ style?

TJ: Personal and professional.  Every client has a dedicated DJ who is there with them from the first meeting until the last dance. We become very invested in our clients and get to know them really well – that’s helps us create the perfect playlist for their wedding.  That part is very warm and fuzzy, but we also have more than 20 DJs and have been around for a decade, so we have to be super organized.  That’s where professionalism comes in.   It’s important that our clients trust us, and we work really hard to earn that.

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NYE: How far in advance should clients book your services?

TJ: 12-14 months is ideal.  Because each client has a dedicated DJ, when all our DJs are booked for a certain date, that’s it. We don’t go looking on Craigslist for a freelance DJ – a wedding is too big a deal to trust to someone who isn’t an experienced wedding professional.  That means we often have waitlists for certain dates.  That said, you never know when a date will open up , so sometimes even last-minute requests work out!

NYE: What is one piece of advice you think all couples would benefit from knowing?

TJ: Pick really good vendors with strong reputations and trust them. Trust their advice – they know what they are doing. A lot of wedding magazines and web sites write articles that are, pardon my French, completely full of poo and give really bad info and advice.  Those articles are written by editors and bloggers who most likely have no idea about catering, venues, event timelines, etc.  They just want to scare you. But planning a wedding doesn’t have to be scary – it can be so fun!  Especially if you trust who you’re working with and you trust that they are going to help you make the best decisions for the party.

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NYE: Do you have any green initiatives you’d like to share?

TJ: We abide by numerous green practices, but one that we’re super proud of is this: we recently learned from Nest that our office is among the top 5% for “least amount of energy used” of Nest users nationwide!

Make sure to visit Toast & Jam’s website to learn even more about them.