The team at Naturally Yours Events appreciates fine paper goods, so it’s a good thing we know just where to get them! Spilled Ink Press, a fellow Green Wedding Alliance member, was founded by husband and wife duo- Amanda Eich and Tony Vassallo. The two met in college while studying architecture, and years later decided to put their design skills to work in the form of wedding invitations. These unique, handmade invitations and other paper goods by Spilled Ink Press are thoughtfully designed and composed- adding such a lovely detail to the overall decor of an event. Have a look at the Q&A between Naturally Yours Events and Amanda of Spilled Ink Press below!

NYE: Tell me about your business- what do you specialize in?

SIP: Spilled Ink Press specializes in custom wedding invitations and all things paper for weddings. We also design and make greeting cards, but our bread and butter is in wedding invitations.


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NYE: How did you get started, what inspired you?

SIP: I was slaving away for the man as a junior architectural designer (I can’t *technically* say I was an architect because I never took it far enough to be registered… minor nerd-detail) and I started designing a lot of marketing material for the firm I was working for- new building grand opening invitations, construction ribbon cutting ceremony announcements, etc. Simultaneously I had several girlfriends getting married and realized that wedding invitations are essentially well-designed marketing packets with a girly twist. Before I knew it, word got out among coworkers, and friends and friends, and my “hobby” became my new career. I went full time a few years later and the rest is history.

NYE: What’s your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry?

SIP: I love that it allows people to have fun throwing a really awesome party and be creative where maybe they don’t normally get to be. I have the best experiences with couples that see their wedding as a big party.


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NYE: How far in advance should clients book your services?

SIP: People should start thinking about invitations about 6 months before their wedding. I’m usually in the wedding-planning timeline right there with talking to florists.

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NYE: Where does your inspiration come from?

SIP: My clients are always the source of inspiration. They themselves bring to me the vision. We collaborate, and sometimes it’s more me than them, or vice versa, but it’s always an interesting dialogue. It’s a fun process!

NYE: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

SIP: Playing with my 10 month old son, Franklin, affectionately known as #babyspilledink (yes, we’ve turned him into a hashtag, no shame).


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NYE: What is one piece of advice you think all couples would benefit from knowing?

SIP: I would just urge couples to go with their gut when choosing their vendors and then take a step back and trust them. It’s scary sometimes because this is theoretically (and hopefully!) their one and only time planning a wedding, but we do this hundreds of times a year. We got this! 🙂 Also, associated with that, work with a planner if you can. It’s definitely worth making room in your budget (I wish I had a planner for my wedding 10 years ago!).

PHOTO CREDIT ©Amy Boyle Photography 2011

Amy Boyle Photography
NYE: Do you have a favorite moment from a wedding that you can share?

SIP: Years ago we designed an invitation where I sketched an entire scene of the city skyline and vertically the sky and stars and the moon, and then the couple floating above in astronaut suits (the bride had a pony tail coming out of her helmet, it was super cute). When they came to pick up the invitations, the groom rolled up his sleeve and said, “hey, check it out” and there was my sketch tattooed around his arm!!! It was awesome!


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NYE: How can clients connect with you?

SIP: Email is best, and don’t be weirded out if I reply at 2am. I’m a night owl.