The three sisters of Amelia Street Studio are wedding professionals who do both graphic design and super cool videos. They recently partnered with a start up called, Our Family Card Shop, to help produce a new line of LGBT greeting cards. I am so excited to share a little more about this wonderful startup on the blog today!


Janice, the founder of Our Family Card Shop, was inspired to start her own line of cards because she got tired of never finding greeting cards that expressed her feelings and her life. Since childhood, she’s been cutting up new cards, gluing on faces of her loved ones, and writing in her own messages. Eventually, she couldn’t ignore the calling to do it as a business.

That’s where the ladies of Amelia Street Studio came in- Janice is the idea generator and they work their design magic to bring the cards to life. Each card they design has stunning visuals with insightful copy that is either subtly provocative and fun or simply sweet and encouraging. Their goal is really to create cards for LGBT people and their loved ones that speak to their lives, which is not typically represented in the greeting card industry today. Right now, they have a Pride card from a parent to a gay son, an adorable lesbian wedding card, two “secret admirer” cards, and they are working on so much more!



In order to jump start this new collaboration, they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the printing, packaging and shipping of the first four cards as well as keep it rolling for the production of more cards through 2014. If you’d like to support these wonderful ladies, please visit their Indiegogo page for more information (and check out the cute video they made with Janice)!