One of the many perks of being a wedding planner involves getting to sample delicious food – and this includes cake! One of our favorite Chicago cake studios is Elysia Root Cakes, a fellow Green Wedding Alliance member. Elysia Root Cakes not only makes mouth-watering cakes with the most delicious buttercream fillings, but they also make their cakes to look like pieces of art. Their team masterfully creates gorgeous wedding cakes that taste as amazing as they look. Learn more about Elysia Root Cakes by reading the Q&A between Elysia Root (the owner of the fabulous cake studio) and Naturally Yours Events below!


Photo by Ashley Bosnick

NYE: Tell me about your business- what do you specialize in?

ERC: Elysia Root Cakes specializes in creating uniquely custom wedding and special event cakes.  The design team works closely with each client to create a beautiful and distinctive cake that reflects their personal style and enhances the mood of the event.

NYE: How did you get started, what inspired you?

ERC: About six years ago, I was working in IT and business operations and was starting to feel a bit restless. I began cake decorating as a hobby, and eventually enrolled in the French Pasty School. I really just fell in love with cake decorating and decided to pursue my passion. Five years ago I opened my business and I never looked back!


Photo by Tuan B & Co

NYE: What’s your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry?

ERC: I love working in a business where we get to help create memories for people. Couples get to look back at photos of their wedding, and remember the cake they cut as a newlywed couple. We also offer fresh anniversary tiers for our clients, so it’s an honor to help them celebrate their first wedding anniversary. It’s really special to be part of such a happy and momentous occasion.

NYE: How far in advance should clients book your services?

ERC: For popular dates, couples should book nine to twelve months in advance. A more typical timeframe, however, is usually about three to six months in advance.

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NYE: Where does your inspiration come from?

ERC: Our design inspiration comes from everywhere. We usually ask couples to bring as much information about their wedding as possible – invitations, photos of the wedding dress, decor, color swatches, etc. We love that the wedding cake can pull everything together and really epitomize the event design and decor. It’s always special when couples make choices in their decor that reflect themselves as a couple. It makes the event all the more special and unique to themselves.

NYE: What is one piece of advice you think all couples would benefit from knowing?

ERC: Take a moment to really appreciate the wedding planning process instead of constantly stressing about it. Especially on the day of the wedding, it’s important to remember to be present, appreciate, and take it all in.


Photo by Tuan B & Co

NYE: Do you have any green initiatives you’d like to share?

ERC: We think that being an eco-friendly and socially conscious business is important, and that’s why we are a proud member of the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance. Not only do we use local and organic ingredients in our eco-friendly cakes, but we also compost (with the help of Collective Resource), recycle and use minimal packaging for our products. The event industry can be a very wasteful one, so that’s why we think it’s important to play our part and be as green as possible.

Make sure to visit the Elysia Root Cakes website or contact them by phone (312-344-1046) or email to learn more!