My household/office started composting not too long ago, and it is seriously the most fun I have ever had with garbage! Being that we don’t have a yard, composting always seemed hard to do. But with our GWA friends, Collective Resource, we are able to compost more than just at the events we plan but now at our home/office too.


It is super easy! How it works is you’ll get a 5 gallon bucket delivered and you can choose either a weekly or biweekly pickup, depending on the size of your family/office. They come right to your door to unload the bucket full of food scraps and take them to a commercial compost site. You’ll even get a clean bucket for you to continue to use until the next pickup.

Commercial composting is different than yard composting.  At a commercial site you can compost anything that was once alive, including animal products and food soiled paper. I love knowing that the compostable disposables we use for events (or that product packaging from my favorite seitan company) is getting composted correctly, which isn’t always the case with yard composting methods.

So why compost and create zero waste events? We do it to reduce landfills and to give the vitamins and minerals of food scraps back to the Earth for healthy soil and a sustainable planet. With one easy call, Collective Resource will deliver compostable setups and then come back after your event to pick up everything and compost it.

Naturally Yours Events- Composting at baby shower

Together with Collective Resource and the many other businesses (FIG Catering, Greenhouse Loft, Pollen & more!), we have helped divert 500 tons of compostable materials from the landfill! As Collective Resource points out “500 tons is hard to imagine; picture 100 elephants in a line trunk-to-tail and that’s 500 tons!”


To start saving tons of valuable “food for the soil,” email Erlene [] with your address and daytime telephone number and she’ll hook you up!