Today, on Mother’s Day, we are honoring all those special women in our lives (Hi Mom, you’re the best!). But it doesn’t have to be just this one day a year, what about on your wedding day?

Here are just a few tips on how to honor mom on your special day:

  1. Keep two extra roses/blooms with your bouquet and as you are walking down the isle, stop and present your mother with the rose (feel free to express how much you love her at this moment). After the ceremony, as you and your husband are walking from the aisle, repeat this gesture to your mother-in-law.
  2. Duplicate your mother’s wedding dress, bridal bouquet, or incorporate her accessories into your attire.
  3. Read a poem or letter dedicated to your mother during the wedding ceremony. A nice sentiment would be to include the groom’s mother in the reading and how the two families are connecting.
  4. Walk down the aisle to the same song your parents did or use the music from their first dance in yours.
  5. Moms will always cry at weddings, so prior to the ceremony, place a personalized handkerchief at both mothers’ seats. Go a step further and include a personal note of thanks with it.
  6. Surprise your mother during the reception by dedicating your bouquet to her. Instead of a bouquet toss, give a little speech about someone very special in your life and at the end, pass your bouquet to mom.
  7. At your wedding reception, play a special mother-daughter song and actually dance with your mom.
  8. If you are having a unity ceremony, have the mothers light the unity candles once everyone is seated and before the ceremony begins.
  9. At the reception, display photos, scrapbooks, or memory albums of you and your mother and the groom and his mother with a short poem or words to honor them.
  10. If your mother has passed, honoring her with a song, prayer, or words from the officiant is a great way to incorporate her into the ceremony. Other ways could be to pin a photo charm on the bride’s bouquet, place a white flower on an empty chair during the ceremony, or light a candle at the reception.


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