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being green

Here’s the truth- events are wasteful but they don’t need to be.
Naturally Yours Events is an eco-friendly event and wedding planning company that can provide you with sustainable, unique ways to green any special occasion without sacrificing style or spending any more green!


naturally green?

We are professionally and personally committed to minimize the negative impact on the environment. A few of our earth friendly practices include recycling, composting, supporting local and eco-friendly businesses, using public transportation and using fuel-efficient vehicles, choosing sustainable food options, and using greener office/household products.

Additionally, we are a member of the Green Wedding Alliance, a coalition of eco-friendly wedding & event professionals who, like us, are committed to being socially conscious and environmentally responsible while creating mindful celebrations.

event eco-impacts


Food is one of the biggest contributors to an event’s ecological impact. From the amount of food wasted during event prep, consumption, and disposal to the methods a kitchen takes transporting, cleaning, and storing items- energy is being used up hard and fast. If caterers are not aware of their impact then they have no control over their carbon footprint which means you are unable to reduce waste and other pollutants from your event.


Let’s talk about stuff. All those goofy sunglasses, souvenir cups, and glitter-filled balloons aren’t making your event more special- they are only adding to the amount of waste that just gets tossed away without a care. On top of that, all of the plastic and styrofoam used to ship your stuff adds a lot of unnecessary items in our rivers, streams, and oceans.


Who would have thought that flowers, something that comes from nature, could have such a toxic effect on the environment? Starting at the source, when florists do not procure flowers from local farms or use in-season materials, there are added pollutants from distribution. Then there are the toxins- like chemical fertilizers and preservatives used in the growing process, the carcinogenic floral foam used to hold centerpieces together and petroleum-based wax candles. Finally, most florists simply throw all those flowers away, instead of composting, filling our landfills rather than giving back to our earth.


While the designs of paper invitations are pretty, the other side of their existence doesn’t look as nice. Deforestation accounts for a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions which contributes to global warming. All of your signage, event programs, place cards, menus and more are cutting down trees. The truth is, a lot of the items printed for an event are unnecessary or could be significantly reduced when approached with a sustainable mindset.


Yeah that’s right, we are calling ourselves out! Event planners are in charge of all the moving aspects of an event. If they don’t have the knowledge base of all these wasteful practices and how to combat them, then they are perpetuating the harm in the industry and are unable to guide you to greener choices. In this industry, it’s easy to use lots of paper, not think about it when we throw something away, and ignore longterm effects of our actions. If we all take small, conscious steps to lessen our impact then we can really make a change together, which is pretty cool.


Event spaces use a lot of energy resources which can add up to a severe environmental impact. Many venues aren’t built with sustainability in mind and have inefficient heating & cooling practices, nonexistent recycling or composting programs, and old electrical & plumbing technology. Many venues sit empty during the week, don’t give back to the community, have low walkability scores and are not close to public transportation. All of this combined can shape your event’s energy consumption.