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Celebrations of love are kind of our thing. Whether you are needing guidance throughout inspiration to execution, or you’ve already picked all of your vendors and just want support from a pro on the day-of, we have a wedding planning package to fit your specific needs. Plan. Marry. Party with NYE!

Emerald package:
Full planning

Need help with all the details? From conception to creation, Naturally Yours Events will handle every aspect of your special day. We will work with you to realize your vision, establish your budget, select vendors, and oversee all areas of developing a wedding that is unique, memorable and truly yours. Includes day-of coordination.


Already have a vision? Let Naturally Yours Events assist you in partially planning your wedding. From vendor recommendations to fine-tuning the design for the big day, we can get all the details organized. You’ll also have full access to a planner for any questions leading up to the day of to make sure you feel confident in your decisions and your event feels cohesive. Includes day-of coordination.


You’ve spent countless hours scouring over every detail of your wedding day, and now it’s time to enjoy it! Let Naturally Yours Events ensure that your day goes as planned. We will develop a realistic timeline, handle month-of communication with your vendors, coordinate and oversee event logistics, execute your vision, and make sure you have fun!

elopement or "intimate wedding" options

We offer elopement style planning options and destination planning services that are specifically curated to your vision and needs. Reach out to us for more details!

For an all-inclusive wedding ceremony experience, explore our sister brand, Neighborhood Nuptials! Together, we make it simple to get married with an intimate ceremony celebration that is both approachable and meaningful.

frequently asked questions

A planner wears many hats- they are part negotiator, accountant, manager, producer, confidant, and therapist (haha). Weddings are usually the largest event you will throw in your life and it comes with so much expense, emotion, expectation, and work. Weddings are just that- a ton of work! Navigating even just one wedding can feel like a full-time job that you likely do not have the time or energy for. A good planner can help make the most of your budget, source and communicate with vendors, listen to your ideas and concerns, be your voice, and execute the plans on the day of so you can truly enjoy it.

That’s easy- we will get on a call and get to know where you are at in the planning process and what your concerns are. Then once we assess your needs, we will recommend a package to fit those needs. This conversation is NOT a hard sales call, we are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing us to make sure we are a perfect fit. You’ll be spending a lot of time with us, so you’ll want to like and trust who you’re working with!

We have three main packages, full planning, partial planning, and day-of coordination- but we can also customize planning packages or include add-ons to our coordination services to fit your specific needs. Our process starts with a call so we know exactly how we can help. The investment you end up choosing will be a flat fee (not a percentage of your budget) and we keep everything transparent with no hidden fees!

There is always more risk when you are not hiring a professional. We are a legit business with insurance to protect both parties when things go wrong, a network of tried and true vendors to ensure things go right, and an entire team of experienced and knowledgeable experts to be there for you. Hiring a professional allows your friends and family to enjoy your celebration to the fullest without having to worry if the place cards are correct or if the photographer is in the room when toasts begin. You only get one shot to execute a wedding day and an event like this has so many moving pieces, it cannot be left in the hands of someone who doesn’t have the tools and resources to put out the inevitable fires that will arise (and we actually have put out literal fires before).

Most of the time your venue or caterer will come with someone who can run things on your behalf. However, they are not the same as a planner or day-of coordinator. This person will only be coordinating the specific details that they are responsible for, like turning on the venue lights and opening the door for vendors or executing the food production and service. They will not be focused on every aspect of your timeline from beginning to end, getting you down the aisle, telling your parents when to do the toast, reminding you to get that special photo with great aunt Mildred, or packing your personal stuff at the end of the night. Most importantly, they represent their company and their company’s interests, whereas we will represent and focus on you. You are your coordinator’s only client that weekend and we are your insurance plan to ensure everything goes as it should!

No can do- and you wouldn’t want us to! In order to be fully representative of your vision, there is an enormous amount of information, communication, and education that has to happen prior to the wedding day. We start working with you 6-8 weeks in advance to get to know every single detail of your wedding day to ensure that it is realistic and foolproof. This gets us inside your head so we can be your voice to answer any vendor questions that come up and handle any challenges that may arise. Anything less than this process is a waste of your money.

For sure we do! These personal items (place cards, signage, card box, guestbooks, table numbers, photos of your loved ones, etc.) make your event unique to you. We’ll bring an assistant to help us put all this stuff out for you and pack it up at the end of the night. All of this is done to your exact specification!

Technology makes it easy to plan from anywhere. Every couple, no matter the package you choose, will receive our online planning tools to keep all your wedding details in one place and easy to access when planning from afar. We are incredibly flexible to host meetings virtually and during non-traditional weekday hours plus be your “boots on the ground” representation at venue walkthroughs and vendor meetings.

Hiring a full or partial wedding planner before the venue is selected is a great idea! Finding the venue is one of the most crucial steps in the process and a planner can really help you find the right fit for you. Not all venues offer the same services or include the same details and it can be exhausting to compare them apples to apples. Having a planner help you in this process avoids choosing a venue that doesn’t fully fit the needs to pull off your vision or constrains your budget for the other crucial things you need to book. Plus, there are a few hidden costs or quirks that only a professional planner would be able to advise you on. You don’t want to start the planning process off on the wrong foot!

This depends entirely on the package we put together for you. Our full planning package offers unlimited meetings for planning the wedding itself. We are with you through the entire process and at every vendor meeting and site visit. For partial and day-of packages we allocate a set number of meetings based on your needs and where you are at in the planning process. No matter what package you choose, we will always have at least one venue walkthrough to be conducted a month before the big day.

Of course! If you are feeling overwhelmed with searching for wedding pros, we can help with this process as much or as little as you need. Our recommendations are specifically tailored to you, your style, vision, and budget. We don’t just send a list of our favorite people and hope you like them. We truly put the time and thought into the options we send over. Plus, we have worked with these vendors and know them pretty well- so this takes out the guesswork of finding reputable, reliable, and cool peeps to work with.

We love when we can make recommendations to you, but we also welcome the opportunity to work with vendors you have found on your own. Regardless of the package you choose, we are true team players and will communicate with all your vendors before the big day to introduce ourselves and ensure we are on the same page.

No way! It is listed right in our contract and core values that we do not accept kickbacks, or commissions as they are often called, from any vendor. The vendors we refer to you will only be referred because they are a good fit for your wedding, not because they give us a little cash on the side. We consider this unethical, even if it is a common practice among other planners.

We cap how many weddings each of our team members work in a year and month, especially only taking one a weekend per lead planner. We do this for work-life balance because we work very hard and incredibly long hours. But most importantly, we hold this policy to ensure we have availability for the meetings we need to have with you and that on the big day we are fresh and focused on your wedding only!

Covid-19 is constantly changing what and how your event’s vision can be executed and, as such, we offer many options to help you navigate those changes. Most importantly, we are committed to keeping our community and industry safe! Our whole team is fully vaccinated, boosted, and operating at the highest level of safety. Rest assured, we follow all guidelines and do not deviate from required city or state mandates.