If you missed the first half of this Hunger Games Trilogy Wedding Inspiration shoot you can check out all the gorgeous ceremony photos in my previous post. The second half of this shoot is focusing on all those lovely details and reception feast.  Enjoy!


Marion Street Cheese Market created a fantastic five-tiered cheese wheel cake, similar to the one Primrose gave Katniss on reaping day. At the feast we included scones, fresh baked galettes, and cookies baked by Bleeding Heart Bakery. Also included were rolls of bread, forest berries, fruits and nuts.


My vision was to show the opposites of Katniss and Peeta’s life thrown into the capital and their life in District 12 by incorporating very glamorous details with rustic elements. The color palette reflected the silvers and blacks of District 12, the royal purples and golds of the Capital, orange since this is Peeta’s favorite color, and red for the “Girl on Fire.” hunger-games-wedding-feast

Our florist Pistil and Vine handcrafted the kokedama favors, which are moss globes with bunches of primrose planted within. For the centerpieces we brought in flowers with sultry shades, velvet textures (since Katniss loves velvet) and balanced with rustic elements placed in two black trophy urns. The table was crafted from two columns of pallets with a fur runner, curly willow branches, and velvet red chairs to accent.

hunger-games-primrose-wedding-favorhunger-games-wedding-table   We used a gold birdcage as the card box adorned by more primrose kokedama.


To honor family and friends, we added a displaying photos of loved ones with the saying “we remember” near the card table. Julie Hanan Designs and Reenie Rose applied Peeta’s love for painting by teaming up to create the escort cards from a floral painting. Guests would find their seats by removing the painting piece-by-piece, to then reveal the hand-painted saying “may the odds be ever in your favor.”

hunger-games-wedding-paintinghunger-games-wedding-cakes-2   hunger-games-wedding-cakes

For the cake table we stacked wooden pallets with fur, moss, branches, and candles tucked between the layers. The black “mockingjay” feathers hang from branches like a chandelier above the cakes. These traditional whipped cream cakes from Lutz Café were inspired from the bakery that Peeta grew up in and where Katniss found “the Boy with the Bread.”

hunger-games-wedding-bread-toasthunger-games-boy-with-the-breadAnd since the wedding tradition of District 12 was mentioned in the book, I wanted to take a couple shots of this bread toast ceremony.


hunger-games-katniss-flowershunger-games-wedding-katniss-and-peeta-2 The second dress change went from the black Mockinjay inspired wedding gown created by Mignonette Bridal, to a red pleated gown from Lovey by Isha inspired to fit the “Girl on Fire.” The stunning cameo necklace and broach hairpiece from Broad Street  included a single rose detail.


Everyone involved in this shoot poured over every detail to make this beautiful and relevantly themed. To see my inspiration boards for this shoot, visit my Pinterest page. Also check out my inspiration board as a featured winner on The Knotty Bride.