After meeting Efrain and Lauren, from Clandestino Catering,  I knew I wanted to be involved with their totally awesome pop-up dining events. I was just in luck — I was able to volunteer at their first Convent Dinner on July 25.


Photo Credits: Tyler Core Shoots People

This underground dinner is really a love child between Chef Efrain and Chris Garlington, author of The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats. Together they are offering a themed dinner based on the 1960 cookbook from the legendary actor Vincent Price. Chefs Efrain and Lauren are taking these recipes from Treasury of Great Recipes and making them their own.



My experience with the dinner was a whirlwind of fun. The moment I walked into the abandoned convent in Pilsen, where dinner was taking place, I immediately felt spirited away to a small country home in Europe. The beauty of this very old, and falling apart, convent was both creepy and mesmerizing. I felt like a kid as I explored the desolate rooms upstairs and the attached “Secret Garden-esque” courtyard.



As guests began to pour in, I began pouring wine. Later, I began serving dinner and made sure each delightfully delicious course made it to the table in a timely manner. Oh, and yes, the food was amazing. The Spanish Tortilla was one of the best dishes I have ever tasted.



The entire night I was in awe of the intimate atmosphere and the exquisite food. It was pure bliss and I am excited to be a part of future events.

For more information, check out Clandestino’s website.

Photographer: Tyler Core