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Garden Wedding at Salvage One

B + Lindsey

September 1, 2021

B (they/them) and Lindsey (she/her) celebrated their fall wedding with all of their family & friends at Salvage One. After their sweet nuptials with a tree planting unity ceremony, guests congratulated the happy couple with dried flower confetti!
The couple has a love of travel so they named their tables after cities they’ve visited or would like to go to. Guests’ escort cards were made of maps of these locations folded into paper airplanes!
B is non-binary, but since not all guests were familiar with correct pronoun usage, the couple spent time educating their guests on pronoun practice and the amount of gendered language associated with weddings. They handed out pronoun buttons for all their guests to wear and to help with introductions. They also relabeled the restrooms to be gender neutral. It was important to the couple that everyone at their wedding was welcoming and respectful to all, and we were honored to celebrate with them!

Vendor LIST

Wedding Venue: Salvage One
Photographer: Bassos Photography
Caterer: Hearty Boys