At Naturally Yours Events, we recognize how COVID-19 has affected our community, couples, and celebrations. We also express gratitude to those providing us with the necessary goods and services to keep us safe, fed, and healthy. These are difficult times and each of our lives have been individually & uniquely altered by this pandemic as stay-at-home orders continue through the spring and restrictions are applied on social gatherings for the near future and beyond.

We are navigating this new reality with our couples and feel the heartache that you’re experiencing as the wedding you have been saving for and pouring every bit of time and energy into is being affected. While Illinois’ reopening plan will allow small gatherings of 10 and 50 in phase 3 and 4 respectively, we understand how having these restrictions in place may not line up with what you envisioned for your wedding day. So what do you do?

Postpone? Cancel? Reschedule for later this year? Next year? Keep moving forward with your current date not knowing if or what restrictions or risks there will be? Are there fees to postpone? To cancel? Will guests feel safe to come now or in the future? Will my vendors still be in business next year? There are a lot of questions going through everyone’s head. The uncertainty is crippling, emotional, and such a difficulty to navigate- all on top of all the other stressors of planning a wedding.

But you don’t have to go it alone- we got you! At Naturally Yours Events, our core values have always included advocating for our clients and leaning on our expertise to foster innovative ideas & solutions. And now is the perfect time to hire a planner as we offer a few different packages and customizations to fit your needs. From full planning to day-of coordination we can assist you during this pandemic and be there on the day to see you through to “I do’s” and “let’s dance”!

However, if you have already planned your celebration or have a day-of support person but are looking specifically for guidance on how to navigate this pandemic’s effect on your event, our Postponement Planning Package is an ideal fit and a valuable resource to you. This package is completely customizable to where you are at in your decision making, how many vendors you have, and what your needs are.

With this service, what can Naturally Yours Events do for you?

  1. Postponement Consultation: We will start by having a virtual meeting to assess what your thoughts and concerns are for your upcoming event. We will provide you with our curated postponement planning tool to house all of your vendor contracts, contacts, and the details we will coordinate.
  2. Contract Review & Vendor Coordination: After we have all the information from you, we will review your venue and vendor contracts to understand their contractual policies. We will then reach out to them on your behalf to clarify their COVID-19 procedures, fees, availability, and cancellation options.
  3. Solution Planning: Once we have the information from your vendors, we will compile that into our shared postponement planning tool to establish your different options. This will be a deep dive into what your choices would be if you continued the course for your 2020 event, changed your event to a future date, or had to cancel your event or your contracts with certain vendors.
  4. Action Planning Session: Naturally Yours Events invariably approaches every event and challenge with creativity and pushes conventions to help couples plan an event that is memorable, mindful, and unique to you. So our approach within our Postponement Planning Package is no different! After all our research, number crunching, and idea generation- we will have a virtual meeting to present all the possibilities to you. On this call we will guide you through this very unfavorable and abnormal experience to come out the other end with a solid plan of action for you to communicate and execute.

Depending on the decision you make, you may be left feeling like you need more support. We are happy to provide guidance in a variety of other planning areas.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Communicate and execute our newly minted plan with all your vendors
  • Review new amendments, proposals, and contracts
  • Work with your vendors to prevent critical/costly errors
  • Provide insight on ways to save money without sacrificing vision
  • Curate custom venue and vendor recommendations to replace ones that are no longer available for your date or in business
  • Create and establish a new budget to include any vendor fees and cost increases
  • Offer etiquette advice and proofreading of printed material
  • Assist in adjusting new event vision, style and design elements
  • Provide eco-friendly suggestions and tips on injecting special touches at your event
  • Provide support through any additional COVID-19 developments
  • Day-of Coordination Honeydew Package
  • …and so much more!

Wherever you are at with this difficult decision or your planning process, you deserve a planning partner who has the expertise and efficiency to guide you through this uncertainty, the creativity to develop your new vision, and the attitude to keep the planning fun and relaxed through any situation.

Postponement Planning Package rates starting at $225

Contact us for more details and help!