The newest addition to our team, Stephanie, is a stellar social media guru who is extremely passionate for orchestrating smooth events. She can adjust a timeline in the middle of event chaos, Instagram all the best cake photos, and she knows precisely how to get crafty on the wedding day with 25 feet of extra pine branches. Her sweet and spirited personality is sure to give any host/hostess the peace of mind that their guests and the event is in good hands. With all that said, I am so excited to share more about our very own Event Assistant, Stephanie Pavlovcik.

How would you describe yourself? I’d describe myself as a social, creatively-inclined Slovexican (dad was born in Slovakia, mom was born in Mexico). I work really hard at achieving happiness in all realms, and am constantly looking for ways to improve myself. In my opinion, life shouldn’t feel dull or mundane – it should be about growth, excitement and passion. I would also describe myself as an introspective tree-hugger who happens to love pizza more than the average person (I’m serious).

What is your definition of “happiness”? Happiness to me is being surrounded by positive, genuine people who speak passionately about their interests and the ones they love.

If you had to pick one, which animal fits your personality? I would say I am a dolphin because I’m playful, communicative, and social. I also just love being in the water.

What are you really bad at that you’d love to be great at?  I’m really bad at lying. I don’t know why. There are times that I wish I were a better fibber, just because I feel like it’s a good skill to have in certain situations, but I am a dead giveaway. I stumble over my worlds, get all rosy, and that’s the end of it.

What’s the farthest from home you’ve ever been? The farthest from home I’ve been to is China- more specifically, Hong Kong and Beijing. In my early teenage years, my dad went through a weird phase where he was so intrigued with Chinese culture that he took the family there twice between 2003 and 2004. We climbed the Great Wall and everything. In retrospect, I think it’s really cool that I got to experience a completely different culture from my own, but I think I would have appreciated it more in my older years.

What do you like to do in your spare time? In my spare time, I love jamming to live music, cloud/stargazing, taking analogue photographs, writing in my journal, being silly with my boyfriend, going to my favorite used book store (Ravenswood Used Books), shopping for stationary, adding new music to my collaborative Spotify playlists, putting giardiniera peppers on pretty much everything, and planning my next trip out of the country.