This winter’s Indie Wed was EPIC! We were invited to design the entire 3rd floor. So, naturally we transformed the space into a vaudeville-inspired carnival with a lounge area, vendors exhibiting and performers on stage. It was like having one giant booth and we had a blast coming up with the ideas.

_MG_8339JG3A7839_MG_8372_MG_8575_MG_8344_MG_8316 There were so many ways to enjoy the lounge. We had cafe lights and umbrellas hanging from the ceiling (umbrellas from Bella Umbrella) and a crushed red velvet curtain for our stage performers, all done by The Amazing-The Fantastic,  Art of Imagination! We had over 20 pieces of vintage furniture for guests to lounge on! You can thank Shadowbox Dreams Vintage Rentals for that.  We even had eco-friendly flowers from Fab Flora!

Wait there’s more!

_MG_8332_MG_8269JG3A7862JG3A7871JG3A7875_MG_8259_MG_8391JG3A7942JG3A7946JG3A7948JG3A7956 _MG_8347 Next up, we had The Delectable FIG Catering serving corn dogs and rum milkshakes. The Spectacular Luscious Layers Bakery plated their cupcakes, brownies, and cookie sandwiches on beautiful vintage platers from Nimble Well. SPIN SPUN kept the cotton candy flowing with unique flavors like watermelon tabasco and salted caramel. Paper Stories did all the printing for the sweets table and we did all the chalkboards.

And yet, the fun doesn’t stop there!

_MG_8465_MG_8565_MG_8536_MG_8406_MG_8480_MG_8503JG3A7920_MG_8349_MG_8441_MG_8264_MG_8271_MG_8313_MG_8449_MG_8471_MG_8435_MG_8548  Finally there was a show like no other! Fumée Gypsy Project sang on the mic, Vaudezilla performed a can-can, and Red Hot Annie did her famous fan dance for us. Doodle Booth was hand drawing caricatures of couples and on the other side of the room they puckered up in our kissing booth. Tuan H. Bui Photography was there chatting with couples about his amazing work and documenting the lounge with these beautiful photos.

A special thanks to Indie Wed for year-after-year knowing how to throw a party!

* * *

Vendors who made this possible:

Bella UmbrellaArt of ImaginationFab FloraShadowbox Dreams Vintage RentalsNimble WellFIG CateringLuscious Layers BakerySPIN SPUNDoodle Booth, Fumée Gypsy ProjectVaudezilla & Red Hot AnnieTuan H. Bui Photography, and Paper Stories.