Some people love their pets even more than they love their own siblings, so it’s no wonder why brides and grooms like to include their pet in their wedding day. As wedding planners, we’ve seen many different ways that furry friends are included in the wedding celebrations. There are a number of ways to go about it, but here are just a few examples of how to include your pet in your wedding day:

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Photo by Matushek Photography

1. Have your pet be the “flower girl”or “ring bearer”. Your pet can be adorned with a flower leash, nice ribbons, a suit, bowtie, or an adorable bandana, and have them walked down the aisle before you. Please note that pets should never be actually entrusted with the rings themselves! The problem with this is that not every venue will allow pets in the wedding. In addition, some pets can’t handle the excitement of walking down the aisle (we have seen a near-toppling of the bride, and we’ve seen a dog dragging the ring bearer down the aisle). So in order to pull this off effectively, you must get the permission of the venue first, and think if your pet can handle the excitement of being in the actual wedding. 


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2. Take pre or post-wedding photos with your pet. This way, you can still capture precious moments with him/her without having to worry about them actually playing a part in the wedding.


Photo by Matushek Photography

3. Simply incorporate your pets photos into the decor of your wedding/reception. Sometimes, this may just be the easiest option. Despite the vast amount of love you have for your pet, you may decide that some photos will do the trick.


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If your pet is indeed invited to partake in wedding festivities, we highly recommend having a family member or guest (not part of your wedding) be in charge of handling your pet. This person should be in charge of picking them up, getting them to said location, taking them for bathroom breaks throughout, and bringing them back home when it is time. Any way you choose will be a great way to honor the furry loved one in your family. Happy planning!