Okay, so I love these guys and it’s their (belated) anniversary. Hooray Lara and Matt!! So I am going to share a TON of really really amazing photos, because I can. Enjoy!

Thanks Maypole Studios for these lovely images.

0065Lara and Matt are dance game tournament champions who wanted their wedding to be full of personality but not centered around their favorite pastime of playing Pump It Up or In the Groove. Gaming is what brought these two together and what so many of their friends and family expected to be at the wedding. However, they wanted to show that the foundation of their love was so much more than a metal platform and colorful arrows. So, we helped these two create a wedding without dancing but to included a fabulous night of mingling, cocktailing, and scavenger hunting. Yes, you heard right- scavenger hunt.


What a blast the scavenger hunt was too! Family and friends loved running around the venue looking for clues and learning more about the couple. Lara and Matt created three different hunts (from easy to hard) by color coding the clues. The start of each trail was pretty visible but it led guests to wonder, and discover, what Matt gave Lara on their first date and what the heck their dog Ponzer sits on. The end of each hunt came complete with a prize varying from glow sticks to cans of Live Wire Mountain Dew (Lara’s choice caffeine fix).


From their favorite season to Lara’s love of hand-blow glass and Matt’s love of every type of pie, all the details of this wedding was personalized to fit the two of them. One thing I loved about this event was how their family and friends, who otherwise never met before, were able to mingle and get to know one another. The day really felt like a celebration and a melding of two families.


Congrats to a happy first year of marriage to Lara and Matt!


Vendors who made it happen:

Planning: Naturally Yours Events (that’s us)
Photography: Maypole Studios
Florist: Field and Florist
Bakery: Hoosier Mama Pie Company
Ceremony and Reception Venue & Caterer: Riverside Receptions
Ceremony Musician: Renne Wilson
Vintage Tabletop Rental: Nimblewell
Vintage Furniture Rental: Shadowbox Dreams
Photo Booth: Traveling Photo Booth
Hair/Makeup: Alluring Artistry