As a wedding planner, Carlene Smith (Owner of Naturally Yours Events), is surrounded by weddings every day. Her mother Jerri, who proudly supports her and her business, likes almost every photo posted of her clients- both figuratively and literally on social media. She swoons over all of these beautiful wedding photos, as if she personally knew the couple. From time to time, Jerri talks about what she would do if she could plan her wedding all over again.

Last year, Jerri and her husband James celebrated their 25th anniversary. The two got married on March 30th, 1990, and celebrated modestly. Their reception was in a basement. They didn’t have a photographer, and they didn’t have flowers. They didn’t really have a wedding cake. To be honest, the bride didn’t even have much of a wedding dress – she borrowed her soon-to-be mother in law’s dress for the occasion. Despite having such an extremely minimal wedding, marrying Mr. James Moser was one of the happiest days of Jerri’s life (a good reminder that it’s the love that makes a wedding – not all the “stuff” that goes into it).

Since it was her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, Carlene wanted to help them celebrate in a truly special way. Carlene envisioned something very intimate and something that they could look back on fondly. So, she invited her parents to travel from their hometown in Michigan, to the big city of Chicago, to get professional anniversary photos (courtesy of Tuan B. & Co) of the happy couple. Carlene thought of everything her parent’s didn’t have the first time around-  a dress that made Jerri feel beautiful, an amazing space (The Guesthouse Hotel), gorgeous flowers, an amazing photographer, and a big celebration afterwards with cake!

_MG_7704_MG_7700_MG_7705During the shoot, Jerri and James had a “first look”, and even after 25 years you could see the sparkle in their eyes.

They viewed a little album of their wedding photos to reminisce about the day and Carlene surprised her mother with a bouquet from Pollen.




The couple had never been to Chicago, so Carlene took them to the museum campus so they could take photos by the gorgeous lake with their photographer, Tuan.




Jerri and James had the time of their lives celebrating the day they committed themselves to each other. Even months later, they are still talking how it was one of their favorite days ever.


Happy 26th anniversary to you two lovebirds! Here’s to many more!