Hi Everyone! I don’t often get guest bloggers here at Naturally Yours Events, but this post from SoNaturelle will really hit the spot for preparing the body for a healthy winter.

Milan, Owner of SoNaturelle, is a Healthy Lifestyle Design Consultant whose main focus is to assist you in radiating from the inside out and to feel great before you walk down the aisle. She will help you make smart health decisions that will lead you to a more beneficial, holistic, healthy, and positive lifestyle. As brides, it is so important how you feel on your wedding day and no matter what stage of planning you are in, Milan is here to help.

Enjoy her tips below!


Cleanse is a Lifestyle Therapy

Holistic healing clinics and spas are famous all over the world for their therapeutic methods of bringing the body back into balance. There exist many different ways of achieving total rejuvenation: from mineral clay, aromatherapy oils, seaweeds and enzyme herbs. These modalities are used to draw toxins out of the body through the skin and to restore nutrients into the body through your skin.

A Fall Cleanse Prepares your Body For Winter Months

On September 23, the autumn equinox signals a time of change. Cleansing during this period prepares your body for the coming months, both physically and emotionally, by preventing common winter illnesses, attaining a clearer and more focused mental state. This is the time that you should jump start your body from the long summer days and also shed those last 5-10 pounds you are possibly hanging onto.

In 11-Days Learn How to Eat for Your Unique Body

  • Learn the tools to de-stress in life
  • Keep your immune response high
  • Improve the overall quality of Your life
  • Have regular elimination, boost your circulation
  • Jump-start and Reboot your metabolism
  • Reduce and Ameliorate Inflammation
  • Eliminate the cravings that makes you tired

Autumn is a wonderful time to slow down and move the focus inward, purging the toxicity that is keeping you from being the best version of your self. Imagine yourself as a tree losing its leaves; you are shedding what is no longer serving you as you ready yourself for the coming hibernation. Prepare to truly rejuvenate, refresh go Beyond Beautiful and step into balance.

Since the weather is changing, now is a perfect time to begin your fall cleanse and feel the change as you focus inward. You don’t need any fancy gadgets just a desire to change. A Refreshing cleanse that you can take advantage of anywhere in the World! Join me from the comforts of your home. Your virtual coach! Your body will show it’s signs of gratitude! CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE.