Hello Readers! I am the Founder, Owner, and Lead Event Planner for Naturally Yours Events. This company is both my passion and now my only hobby. I use to do other things, like crafty things, but now I eat, sleep, and breathe my business. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, because I love what I do– down to every email and place card.

Meet, me, Carlene Smith!


How would you describe yourself? I am a very ambitious twenty something living in Chicago, Illinois. I am passionate, thoughtful, and a well-rounded person who can juggle being intensely detailed and spontaneously creative. Between you and me, I am also a little obsessive and a bit of a clean freak (sweeping relaxes me). I love when things are a good mixture of quirky and perfection. Or, as I call it, perfectly quirky.

What is your definition of “happiness”? When you are mindful of yourself and can love who you are, that is happiness. I find happiness when feeling the cool air brushing my face when I take my morning bicycle ride, cuddling on the couch with my man and a good stout, and waking up to my adorable cats (bug and newt) each morning. I also get pretty giddy when my parents “like” every single photo on the Naturally Yours Events’ facebook page. [Seriously, they do this…]

If you could be any animal, what would you want to be? Definitely a platypus. It kinda just covers all the bases as an egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal. They just do it all and are totally quirky about it AND efficient. Who wouldn’t want to be that unique and versatile?

© Hans and Judy Besage—Mary Evans Picture Library Ltd/age fotostock


What are you really bad at that you’d love to be great at? Grocery shopping. I guess it’s not that I am bad at it, it just takes me FOR-EV-ER. I am very detailed and look for all the *best* deals. Also, I never know if I am in the mood for dill pickles or sweet ones. Oh the decisions!

What’s the farthest from home you’ve ever been? I’ve been to Japan twice for a study abroad trip and took a two week trip to Europe. My traveling style is to see as much as possible, take lots of photos, and enjoy a few many unique beers along the way.

What do you like to do in your spare time? When I am not planning fabulous events, I’m baking crazy intense recipes, starting a million HBO/Showtime/Netflix dramas to watch and slowly finishing them, riding my bike around town, *trying* to grow veggies in my apartment, exploring new eats & local brews with my amazing boyfriend, and watching my cats do really cute and really weird things.