At the 2012 winter Indie Wed show, Tuan H. Bui Photographer and Naturally Yours Events  held a contest for a stylized engagement session and the winners were an adorably quirky couple- Chelle and Dave. You can read about them and their contest submission HERE. My favorite line from their entry was “We dance silly, wrestle, and like to play dead and pull each other around on our kitchen floor.” Cracks me up every time!

For the finished product we have a super playful set of photos and a charming video showing the couple making a blanket fort right on lake Michigan in Chicago.  And these photos were just published on Love and Lavender.


When designing this engagement shoot, we wanted to focus on the playfulness that the newly engaged, Chelle and Dave, share in their relationship. They are truly kids-at-heart and their love is so genuine! Many of their first dates and most memorable moments was picnicking near lake Michigan– like when Chelle and Dave got stuck in the rain under a viaduct on their second date. So, we took the idea of a picnic a step farther as they built a “home” out of blankets, right off lake Michigan complete with skyline views.

We added a lot of fun and whimsical colors in the different stuffed animals, pillows and sheets that were used to build the fort. They laid down the carpet and unpacked some of their favorite boardgames and toys. Since Chelle loves sweets and Dave can’t get enough cereal- we created a donut bar with some of their childhood favorite cereals as toppings.
Their little vacation home wouldn’t be complete without a sod porch, tin can herb garden, a gnome (one of Chelle’s childhood favorites), and handmade mailbox with their initials. It was super sweet when they read each other the handwritten notes they wrote.



Check out their amazing video from Bokeh Line.


coordination + styling: Naturally Yours Events // photography: Tuan H. Bui Photographer // videography: Bokeh Line // desserts: Fritz Pastry // hair + makeup: Saleha and Safaa with Alluring Artistry