I love incorporating handmade paper elements into weddings and events. Take a look back at my previous Whimsical Summertime Wedding inspirational board for more ideas on how you can use pinwheels in your wedding. As for me, these centerpieces will be on display during a friend’s SummerTEAtime party.

These pinwheels are fairly easy to make if you have the time. So keep these instructions handy, pop in a movie and get to work.

What you will need:

I went to Joann Fabric and Craft Store for everything, but you can find these things in any hobby/craft store.

  • Several sheets of 12″ x 12″ double-sided scrapbook paper (make sure the paper is not too heavy)
  • Flower/heart shaped craft punch (optional)
  • Push pins, I used decorative upholstery nails 7/16” (but any cute pin would work)
  • 12″ wooden dowels, I used 5/16” (but if you want to make smaller pinwheels go with the 1/4”)
  • Mini round wooden beads (you can use any small round bead)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A ruler
  • A pencil


Prep: Use your choice of punch to cut out a paper shape (I used a flower), make enough for each pinwheel. Take one of your pins and twist it into the dowel to create a hole, this will make it easier when it comes time to assemble the pinwheel. Be careful not to push too hard and split the wood.

Step 1: Cut your 12” x 12” paper into 6″ squares. One for each pinwheel you plan to make. I used a guillotine cutter for this step, but you could use scissors.

Step 2: Find the center of each square and mark it with your pencil. Lay your paper (pattern side down), and use your ruler to draw diagonal lines from each corner to make an “X”.

Step 3: Cut along those diagonal lines, from all four corners, stopping one inch before you meet the center of your paper.

Step 4: Bring every other corner to the center and stick the pin through the center of your paper. If you are using a punched flower shape, make sure to place it on the pin before piercing through the paper (so that it lies between the paper and pin).

Step 5: Lastly, you want to attach your paper pinwheel to the dowel. Stick the pin through your wooden bead first and then the dowel (so that the bead is in between the paper and the dowel, this with make the pinwheels moveable).



To make the centerpiece shown in this blog, simply arrange your completed pinwheels in a pot of wheat grass. And you’re done!

Note: If you decide to make bigger pinwheels make sure to use larger paper, dowels, pins and beads.