For a photo shoot a few months ago [see the previous post] I wanted to add a little touch of DIY decor. By reusing old sewing patterns/tissue paper, I made a bunch of garland with pom poms that were hung by twine. The old sewing patterns added a nice honey coloring in the decor and didn’t set the budget back on this project at all. The garland was easy enough to make too, despite the playful nature of my string-obsessed cats.

What you will need:

I went to Joann Fabric and Craft Store for most things, but you can find the below items in any hobby/craft store.

  • Several sheets of old sewing patterns or tissue paper
  • Twine, string, ribbon, whatever you have
  • A pair of scissors and/or a guillotine paper cutter
  • A ruler or mat to measure tissue paper

Step 1: Cut your tissue paper into 10″ squares [you can adjust the size depending on how large you want the poms] and group six sheets per pom pom you want to make.

Step 2: Fold the sheets, accordion style by alternating each side in a zig zag folding pattern.

Step 3: Round out the edges [for a different flower look try pointed edges]

Step 4: Tie the string around the center of your group of folded tissue. It is easier if the string is tied on the edge and tight.

Step 5: Lastly, you want to pull each layer away from the center and fluff it out as much as you can. Repeat the steps along the same piece of string for however long you need the garland to be. I spaced my pom poms two inches apart and had eight poms per garland. Make sure to leave enough room on the ends of the string so you can hang or tie them up.