One of the most important elements of a wedding celebration is the ceremony itself, because after all that is why you are bringing all your family and friends together right? Committing yourself to another individual in front of those who love you is a special experience. Modern couples are consistently looking for new, unique ideas to incorporate into their wedding ceremonies to make it a true representation of their relationship.

Naturally Yours Events is incredibly lucky to work with couples from many different backgrounds and cultures and we enjoy observing the individuality they bring to their ceremonies. (Feature photo above by This is Feeling Photography.)

Mix Your Own Whiskey

Photo by Studio Finch

Laura and Aaron wanted an small ceremony with their closest family and friends before starting the celebration with the whole crowd. During their ceremony, they incorporated a whiskey blending where they poured two different types of whiskey into a barrel to enjoy together at a later date.

Involve Your Community

Photo by Studio Finch

Laura and Aaron also took advantage of the intimate nature of their ceremony by having their guests participate in a ring warming. The couples’ wedding bands were passed to each guest for them to hold in their hands for a moment as they thought of a blessing for the newlyweds.

Taste the Elements

Photos by Allison Williams Photography

Deidrea and Will decided to incorporate the Tasting of the Elements into their wedding ceremony. These elements include water, vinegar, cayenne pepper, and honey representing different aspects that make up a marriage. Below are a few excerpts from their officiant’s words describing this ceremonial tasting.

They first experience WATER.

Water represents transparency- Drinking this water today is a pledge that the two of you will always strive to be open and honest with each other. Water is the willingness to make oneself available to both see and to be seen.

They now share VINEGAR.

Vinegar is bitter. Vinegar symbolizes the difficult times ahead. The taste of also vinegar reminds us to hold on to and appreciate the good times. And while its bitter taste may be strong, the sour taste is only temporary and once it passes through us, it can actually can serve as an opportunity to cleanse and renew us.

They now experience PEPPER.

This pepper is a symbol of strength formed by adversity. Throughout the bitterness that life may bring, your survival as a couple depends on your ability to remain grounded and forge through many of the challenges that lie ahead. Pepper is strong as should be your love.

And finally they taste HONEY.

Because thankfully, life is not just vinegar and pepper. Honey is a preview of the sweetness that marriage has to offer. It is a delicious example of the happiness that life has in store for them when they lead with love and remain in the youthful sweetness that they stand here with today.

Incorporate Your Cultural Background

Photos by I Luv Photo

If you and your partner have strong cultural ties in your family, make them a highlight of your ceremony! Fusing multiple cultures together provides a unique representation of you as a couple as your families come together.

Tanya and Saumil are an example of multiple cultural backgrounds including Puerto Rican, African American, and Indian. Their ceremony began with the Indian tradition of a Baraat as they danced their way into the ceremony space to the music of a Dhol player.

To represent the bride’s Puerto Rican heritage they performed a lasso ceremony. The infinite shape of the lasso reflects the timeless and eternal nature of the union they created. It also represents a shared bond, protection, and strength that comes from their joint efforts.

Finally the couple jumped the broom! An African American tradition dating back to the 160os, the couple physically and spiritually crosses the threshold into the land of matrimony. The jumping symbolizes making a home together, sweeping away the old negative energy and making way for all the good things to come in life.

Show Off Your Talents

Photo by Megan Saul Photography

Do you or your partner have any hidden musical talents? Share them with your crowd by performing a special song during your ceremony or have a close family member or friend perform a song that means something to the both of you.

Run Your Own Ceremony

Photos by Jessica Eileen

Mollie and Jamie did a big twist on their ceremony and went without one of the most common things a ceremony has – an officiant. Instead, they walked down the aisle together, led themselves through their vows and ring exchange, and invited guests to share well wishes and marriage advice. They did of course have an ordained individual to make things official on paper after the ceremony but we thought this was such a unique take on making their nuptials truly personalized.

How are you planning on making your ceremony unique? We’d love to help you have your vision come to life and be a part of your special day. Naturally Yours Events adores planning with couples that are looking for new ways to personalize their wedding ceremony. Let’s chat about your ideas today!