Tuan H. Bui Photographer and Naturally Yours Events would like to announce the winners for our Stylized Engagement Shoot Contest. This was a very tough decision since all of the love stories were such a joy to read. Some couples met on segways, fought off dinosaurs, or just met The One when they were children. Both Tuan and I read these entries a hundred times and laughed, smiled, and even swooned. But in the end we had to choose one.

So, without further adieu, congratulations to our winners Chelle and Dave!


I knew we had found our winners when each time I re-read their love story, I always found myself smiling ear to ear. This couple sounds fun, quirky, and super cute. Tuan and I can’t wait to give you more details after we meet them and, of course, I can’t wait to share the photos of what we make together. Until then, enjoy Chelle and Dave’s love story.


Dave and I met on the first day he moved to Chicago. I was his upstairs neighbor and my fridge broke, so I brought my food to his apartment to borrow his fridge until mine was fixed. I thought he was such a stupid jerk. I don’t think there are many couples who can say they barfed on their fiance on their first date! We went rollerblading and it was so hot that I got sick. He asked me if I wanted to go home and shower and head back to the beach. Our favorite thing to do together is to act like little kids and do weird things. If you came to our house you would think we were the weirdest people ever. We dance silly, wrestle, and like to play dead and pull each other around on our kitchen floor.”


So CUTE, right!