Addressing wedding invitations isn’t always super straightforward. Especially since snail mail is no longer a common form of communication, couples tend to find themselves confused when faced with addressing their wedding invitations. Some take addressing etiquette very seriously and follow it to a T, and others say “to hell with the old school rules!”. Either way, it’s ultimately up to you and your personal preference. Here are some common etiquette rules to consider when addressing your invitations.  

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1. Use your guest’s title and full names (no nicknames).

2. Take note of guests’ relationship statuses and properly address them as such. There is a lot that goes into how you address the person depending on if they are married, married yet kept their maiden name, or not married but living together. This link is helpful in answering some of those questions.

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3. Spell out everything except for the zip code-  street, direction, apartment, and state. Old school etiquette also suggests spelling out the street numbers (for example: One North State Street Chicago, Illinois 60601).

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4. List everyone invited. If you are offering your invitee the option to bring someone who you might not know, put “and guest” after the person’s name. On the other hand, if you know your guest is in a long term relationship, you should list their partner by name and not just “and guest”. For families with children, you should also list the kids by name (girls should have a ‘Miss’ in front of their name and boys do not have a title). If it is a large family and you do not have space to list everyone, it is okay to just put “and Family” after the adults’ names.

For more tips and guidance on how to properly address your wedding invitations, click here. Happy planning!