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beinggreen-headerWe are professionally and personally committed to minimize the negative impact on the environment. A few of our earth friendly practices include recycling, composting, supporting local and eco-friendly businesses, using public transportation and car sharing programs, choosing sustainable food options, and using greener office/household products. We are also on the Board of Directors of the Green Wedding Alliance, a coalition of like-minded eco-friendly event professionals. We love working with this group to put on some amazing green events in Chicago! Oh, and of course, we think outside the box to incorporate “green” touches into each event we do.


The choices you make during the planning of your wedding or event can have a major impact on the environment—and on your wallet. Here are some reasons to be green:

Reduce landfill waste
Did you know? Americans throw out 220 million tons of garbage per year.

Recycle materials
Did you know? According to the Clean Air Council, the U.S. recycles about one-tenth of all garbage.

Support local and green businesses
Did you know? The average wedding costs $28,000. Imagine the boost to the local/green economy if even a small portion of the event’s budget was used to support them.

Reduce pollution
Did you know? Every year one billion pounds of pesticides are used on flowers and vegetation. These highly toxic chemicals pollute our water and land, and harm people and animals who come into contact with them.

Reduce carbon emissions
Did you know? With 2.5 million weddings per year, the U.S. will produce over sixty tons of carbon dioxide.

Save trees
Did you know? It takes sixty years to replace one sixty-foot tree.

Support charities and fair trade
Did you know? A “favor” for your guests can be a favor to so many more.

Avoid nonrenewable resources
Did you know? Petroleum-based products are found in many items used in events; these include tulle, paraffin wax, and synthetic fibers.



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