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Our planners are down-to-earth people and believe events should be creative. We are judgement-free and won’t make you feel like your quirky ideas are “bad” – in fact, we will probably love them.




Carlene has always been enthusiastic about the details and obsessed with making lists! Whether she was planning themed birthday parties at ten years old, organizing midnight viewings of super geeky movies, or helping family and friends plan their most important life moments, she was always known as the planner among those around her.

While earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Carlene worked for a prestigious wedding photographer as a day-of coordinator and bride de-stressor extraordinaire. It wasn’t until she moved to Chicago and took several coordination roles in the hospitality industry that she had that “ah ha” moment: “I love to plan events and I rock at it!” From there, her planning passion became her life’s work and Naturally Yours Events came into fruition.

Over her 15+ years of experience, Carlene has developed planning tools built for efficiency- leaving no detail overlooked- so she can focus on keeping things lighthearted while fostering creative ideas that are original, memorable, and truly personalized.

When she is not planning super cool events, you can find Carlene baking crazy ambitious recipes, binge watching shows with her amazing husband, riding her bike around town and getting out in nature, trying new brews and brunch spots, singing loudly in the car to all the broadway show tunes, discovering the world through the eyes of her little baby girl, and dreaming up all the places they will travel together as a family.

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Associate Event Planner and Office Manager

Kristen has an unwavering energy and a positive “let’s go!” attitude that makes her an integral team player. She has a passion for coordinating details to perfection and turning her client’s vision into a reality, the resourcefulness to make the best of any situation, and a freakishly organized emergency kit. Her motto has always been to prepare well, have fun, and save the earth- whether from zombie hordes or large carbon footprints.

After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Sales & Business Marketing at Western Michigan University (Go Broncos!) and years of various (and interesting) work experiences, Kristen found planning events allowed her to express her creativity and innovative ideas for solving challenges. In 2014, she set her mind to pursue an event planning career- finding a home at Naturally Yours Events. On event days, Kristen loves looking around the dance floor, finding the couple’s smiling faces, and knowing- “I helped make this happen.” This exciting part of a wedding also means she can eat dessert and discuss her picks for best dressed of the night, ha!

On non-event weekends, you’ll find Kristen switching roles and attending a wedding as a guest, lounging at Chicago’s lakefront with a good book or playing beach volleyball, enjoying the daily life moments with her husband (who helped plan their surprise wedding!), and adding to her beer coaster collection.

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Associate Event Planner and Social Media Manager

Lauren is a natural leader and organizer of all the details! At Loyola University Chicago, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology while stage managing theater shows and interning as a wedding planner’s assistant. Whether she was overseeing people in Shakespearean costumes or summer wedding cocktail attire- she was continually thrilled by all the moving pieces coming together. That, combined with the fulfillment she gets from being part of others’ special life moments, propelled her into a wedding planning career.

Now at Naturally Yours Events, she’s our resident escort card whisperer, tipsy groomsmen wrangler, and seasoned timeline executer- all while doing it with poise and a smile on her face. She has an intuition for understanding her client’s vision in order to create cohesive event designs with impeccable details that reflect what they find most meaningful. She believes it’s important to be an approachable team player and make the planning experience fun- not a chore.

Outside of planning events, Lauren spends her time taking weekend trips to visit family, going to the dog park with her four-legged child, cooking up new recipes with her husband, watching the newest Netflix craze, and honing her green thumb in her backyard garden.

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Associate Event Consultant

Evelyn combines a strong-willed determination, impenetrable composure, and mindfulness for creating special events into her natural planner spirit. She finds joy in celebrating others and always approaches challenges in a calm manner so as to never make a storm out of a drizzle.

She soaks up knowledge like a sponge and after accomplishing two degrees in Business and Education she’s earning a Masters in Special Education from Dominican University. Her love of events came early on from planning large family parties to interning with a wedding dress maker. Now she couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Naturally Yours Events team and her clients’ celebrations.

At the beginning of the planning process, she gets a thrill out of learning all about her clients so she can incorporate as many personal elements into their event and truly understand each and every aspect of their combined vision. When it’s time to take a load off, which is seldom, Evelyn loves becoming a couch potato and relaxing with loved ones while telling real life paranormal stories.

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Associate Event Consultant

Liz brings her adventurous spirit, affinity for nature, and ability to think outside the box to the Naturally Yours Events team! From early high school days, to Lawrence University where she earned Psychology & Education degrees, to festivals near and far- Liz has developed a lifelong love for producing events that bring communities together like Burning Man, Full Moon Jam, and Chiditarod. Simply being a spectator is so not her forte, she MAKES things happen.

Liz approaches events by looking at the big picture, digging into her client’s style to find creative ways of expressing their personalities, and then organizing it all into meticulous to-do lists. She understands planning can have its challenges but is committed to making it a fun experience for her clients. When they are walking back up the aisle, hand-in-hand, after saying “I do”, she can’t help but think how all their hard work has paid off so they can truly enjoy this very moment.

When Liz takes a pause from her whirlwind life of events, you’ll most likely find her outdoors either going for a bike ride, camping, gardening or organizing her garage. She loves to relax in the mornings while drinking a tasty cup of coffee or at night watching one of her favorite shows after putting her son (her little big man) to bed.

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Associate Event Consultant

Tempris is never afraid to beat to her own drum- in fact she loves to which is why she’s a perfect fit for our quirky team at Naturally Yours Events. As the planner in her family, she organized celebrations from birthday parties to vacations and then moved on to sorority events and friends’ weddings. Her attention to detail and eye for design ensures everyone always has a great experience. 

After receiving her Masters in Higher Education from Loyola University, Tempris engaged her passion for being socially responsible at UChicago’s Harris School of Public Policy, planning concerts, orientations, and more. She’s always had a love for weddings as well and says she feels fulfilled when everyone is having a good time while busting a move on the dance floor. When planning, she believes it’s important to trust your instincts and have a well-organized Pinterest board of all your thoughts and inspiration.

Tempris enjoys going to festivals and community events around the city as well as dining with friends at a new local restaurant. She’ll always take time to slow down and relax to work on her wellness regimen that includes yoga & earth-friendly facials while also living life as an ambassador for natural, cruelty-free, and sustainable beauty & lifestyle products. 

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Associate Event Consultant

Sarah is the person always buzzing around making sure everything is in its place and greeting you with a warm, friendly smile. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Economics from Northwestern University; Sarah views events with a practical mind, always arms herself with a good prioritized checklist & timeline, and will never go without a contingency plan in her back pocket. 

After planning with Naturally Yours Events as a bride herself, Sarah enjoyed learning all the ins & outs that go into a wedding day and watching how the team helped her & her husband incorporate their personalities into their celebration. So when the NYE was looking to expand the team, Sarah jumped at the opportunity and we’re so glad she did!

When Sarah isn’t helping us keep everything running smoothly on a wedding day, she is usually baking, swing dancing, exploring local restaurants around her Irving Park neighborhood with her husband Will, having a friendly (competitive) night of board gaming, or catching a movie at her favorite theater, the Music Box. 

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Associate Event Consultant

Meghan has amazing intuition when it comes to events and she never lets a detail go unnoticed. She received her degree in Art and Graphic Design from Columbia College and loves to find ways to be creative in every aspect of her life.

After getting married herself, she developed a strong appreciation for weddings plus all the work that went into planning and executing them. She began a career in events as a venue manager for an eco-conscious Chicago venue, learning the ins and outs of event production and being a part of a vendor team. She gets a thrill from the buzzing excitement that is so tangible in a room as wedding guests begin arriving because that means it’s almost showtime!

When not focused on events, you’ll typically find Meghan making some kind of art, sporting her signature scarf, and spending time with her husband, dog, & cat. Some of her favorite things to do when she has time off is to travel the world, taste-test new restaurants, and discover the trendiest cocktail bars.

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