We know that planning your wedding isn’t always just fun and games – at times it can be a long and intricate process. There may be parts that are more fun and exciting to plan, or ones that seem to have more weight than others (like finding the perfect venue, wedding dress, or caterer). We put together a list of three things that most commonly fall to the back burner- only to be left to the very end to resolve. However, many times these hasty solutions do not garner the best results; you might regret not having put more thought into these seemingly low-priority aspects later on. So, here are three things you should avoid procrastinating when planning your wedding:


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1. The Music

What song are you going to process to? What song will be your first dance? And yes, you should have a song to cut the cake to. Many couples procrastinate choosing the music for their wedding day, and end up choosing random, personally meaningless songs.  Instead of seeing this as just another task, you and your significant other should take some time to talk about music together. Perhaps make it a date night – grab a glass of wine, go through each other’s Spotify, and reminisce about your favorite shared musical experiences. Brainstorm together and see what comes to mind. Your music selection can be a fun way to inject your personality- who you are as a couple- into you wedding day. You want to make sure you choose the right songs for the most important day of your lives.


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2. The Ceremony

Whether it’s choosing the right reading, or coming up with your vows, people tend to put off the most important part of the day: the ceremony. Many times, couples will choose friends or family to act as officiants- which is cool and all, until it is blatantly obvious that they don’t know what they’re doing or what they should be saying. Don’t wait until the last minute to come up with a script! The longer you put it off, the more it begins to feel like a task. When people are stressed, it seems that their creativity is really dampened and strained. We recommend working with your officiant quite a few months in advance in order to make them feel comfortable with what they are saying. This way, the kinks will be worked out, and their voice can be creative in smooth. The same applies to your vows. This should go without saying, but make sure to put a good amount of time and thought into the words that will seal your love forever.

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3. The Photo Shot List

We’re not talking about a two page list of different poses you want to stick yourself in (i.e. bride in grass looking up into camera with bouquet on the side). No, no: the photo shot list is more about the combinations of your family and friends you want in a single shot. For some couples, this list is very long and complicated, and for others it’s very easy to figure out. Family dynamics make it very important to have the photo shot list figured out in advance. In order to avoid mass confusion, or accidentally leaving grandma out of ALL of the shots, it’s important to have a list for the photographer to go off of.