A truly lovely and amazing couple, Davora and Roxy, exchanged their vows one year ago today at Carnivale in Chicago. Full of energy and life, Davora and Roxy selected the perfect venue to emphasize their jovial and vibrant personalities. Their bright demeanors and fun, carefree attitudes make them seem like just a couple of big kids at heart. That’s why their board game-themed wedding was just the perfect event to celebrate their love and commitment to one another. Relive their colorful day through these photos by Soda Fountain Photography:










Love-123-X2 (1)


The details are what’s to love about their board game themed-wedding. Escort cards were made by Davora to correspond with whatever game was on the individual’s particular table. Candy Land, Balderdash, Sorry!, and Cranium are a few examples of the themed tables. The centerpieces were comprised of the actual game board, game pieces used as table numbers, as well as cute little terrariums made from mason jars. Davora and Roxy wanted to incorporate some green aspects into their decor, which is why they chose to include adorable terrariums in each centerpiece. The tables also had another mason jar filled with all of the board game pieces in case guests felt inspired to play their table game.

Love-208-X2 (1)Love-210-X2Love-218-X2Love-224-X2Love-258-X2Love-226-X2 (1)Davora and Roxy had a brunch wedding, where both the ceremony and reception were held at Carnivale. Once their guests arrived, drinks and mingling ensued until it was time for the ceremony. The Chuppah, carried in by their brothers, was placed in the center of the room upstairs. Their very supportive and loving family stood underneath the Chuppah with them as they exchanged their vows.

Love-319-X2After the romantic ceremony, they celebrated with their guests by eating and dancing (music provided by Gold Noise DJs). There was a designated games table, so that guests could sit down and play board games if they felt so inclined. Dessert was provided by Sweet Mandy B’s– including delicious cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. The treats were nostalgic childhood favorites- perfect for their “big kid” wedding. They had cute signage for the sweets table, in which the signs were modeled after the game Taboo.


Love-371-X2Love-357-X2Love-453-X2Love-455-X2Love-360-X2 (1)The reason behind their choice to have a photobooth at their wedding is an adorable one. Davora and Roxy just LOVE photobooths. Any wedding, bar mitzvah, and any other event they’ve ever gone to always includes them taking photos in the photobooth. So, Davora thought it would be only fitting to propose to Roxy in a photobooth they encountered while at the zoo. They used this particular photo strip as their save the date. Naturally, they needed to have a photobooth at their own wedding, provided by The Traveling Photobooth.
Love-515-X2One word to describe their wedding is “colorful”. Everything about it was bursting with color,  including their Ketubah (which incorporated the different seasons in a very colorful way). After their fun brunch wedding at Carnivale, the couple invited their guests to continue the celebration at a nearby bowling alley. It was the perfect ending to their big day!

Kristen and Chris tied the knot one year ago today at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The lovely couple exchanged their vows in the English Walled Garden, where their guests sat surrounding the lily pond. Kristen and Chris processed down the aisle adjacent to a beautiful weeping willow tree. The scene was incredibly romantic! Fab Flora provided romantic blush and peach blooms, and they adorned the chairs with floral accompanied by linen from BHLDN. The floral centerpieces were vibrant and bold- full of reds, burgandies, corals and pops of fuchsia, and were held in Chinese-styled vases. Guests found their seats by finding their leaf with their name and table number on them- a very fitting escort card for the Botanic Garden. As wedding favors, guests took home little pineapple cakes, which was another cute personal touch. Check out these amazing photos taken by Melissa Hayes Photography below.









Happy Anniversary to this lovely couple- Emily and Mike!

Emily and Mike tied the knot today last year at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park. It was a very, very rainy day, so rather than having the ceremony outside, the couple rolled with the punches and had a lovely Jewish ceremony inside the beautiful (and dry) main floor exhibit space.

The decor included plenty of whimsical greenery, and pops of soft blush floral by Pollen– invoking an extremely romantic feeling. The blush linens- some sleek and satin, and others beautifully textured- were just gorgeous and really added to their vision. Other aspects of the decor included birch pieces and mercury glasses, creating a romantic rustic elegance. The embossed cards serving as table numbers were held up by bits of birch. The windows were lined with candles – I mean, how much more romantic can you get? A cute, rustic mailbox served as the card box- I can’t even handle the cuteness!

Their delicious dinner was served by Blue Plate Catering. Nimble Well provided lovely platters for the sweets table (cake provided by Sweet Many B’s)- which included nostalgic childhood favorites: homemade pop tarts, brownies, cookies and more. Once the rain was over, a stunning sunset peaked through, and the colors were just amazing.

See the photos below by Hitch and Sparrow Photography to relive their special day.

Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (06)

Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (02)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (23)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (30)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (51)
Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (58)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (76)

Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (130)

Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (86)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (90)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (117)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (123)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (230) (1)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (253)
Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (255) (1)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (268)
Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (300)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (302)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (171)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (179)

Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (333)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (332)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (313)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (338)

Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (493)Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (495)

Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (463)

Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (372) (1)

Mike & Emily - 08.23.14 - (389)